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As part of our digital workflow, verification of the intraoral scan is crucial to the success of full-arch implant-supported restorations. Spanning the midline, digital scanners may have difficulty stitching edentulous areas of a virtual model due to moisture such as blood, saliva and minor changes in free gingiva positions during the scan process, or lack of anatomical landmarks. 

Much like a stone or resin verification jig that is used to confirm the accuracy of a traditional PVS impression, the milled titanium bar acts to verify the accuracy of the digital impression. The rigidity of the titanium serves to validate each abutment seating area is passive and fully engaged.
If for any reason the try-in does not seat, it can be sectioned and re-secured using duralay resin and returned to the lab for repositioning of the replica analogs.

Bar Overdenture Screw-Retained: About
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