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Short Term Provisionals

This milled screw-retained option for short-term temporary restorations of implants works well at establishing a vertical dimension of occlusion that the patient can tolerate. The highly polished and resilient material composition is ideal for optimal tissue healing.

Often with immediate loading of  implants for a full-mouth restorative case, an existing denture is converted to become an interim restoration while the treatment proceeds in production. However, this converted denture can often lack the reinforcement necessary to remain intact while tissue heals. Good oral hygiene can be difficult to maintain in this interim stage due to tissue changes and resorption, placing the implants at risk.

Acetal resins have been used in the fabrication of partial dentures for patients with material sensitivities. Its composition does not easily allow for build-up of plaque or stain, and its strength allows for slightly longer cantilevering without the need of metal reinforcement, thus allowing better assessment of patient occlusion and function. 

This information utilized at the laboratory for designing the final restoration.

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Acetal Resin: About
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